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Concepts and tools for trainers, consultants, lecturers and teachers

BeSu.Solutions supports you with professional development, qualification and transformation processes with innovative workshop formats, digital tools and tailor-made concepts.

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New technologies, new business models but also pressure to act due to dwindling resources or political requirements can fundamentally change the way we work today. Digitization and sustainable development require new concepts and competencies - for the individual as well as for the entire company. BeSu.Solutions supports you on your way into the future with concepts for further education and change management.

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As a one-day workshop or in-service training - active learning formats are perfect for dealing with complex topics with many influencing factors and dependencies. They make the interrelationships tangible and thus the learning process more effective. BeSu.Solution uses established methods such as simulation games or learning factories and its own approaches such as simulation labs or game-based innovation. We develop individual teaching and learning formats for you and your customers.

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For the visualization of your presentation you use PowerPoint or Pretzi? And for planning and conducting action-oriented workshops? Authoring tools such as BeSu.Solutions Holistic support you in the implementation of action-oriented learning formats such as business games. Forget programming or manual calculations and concentrate on content and didactics.


Systematic support of change processes with Game-based Innovation

As a consulting firm, you accompany your customers through transformation processes. It is important to engage the people involved at an early stage. BeSu.Solutions supports you here. We provide you with tailor-made tools for the implementation of participative workshops. Together with you, we develop and program an interactive model of the upcoming changes. In this way, the upcoming transformation process can be experienced by all participants in a playful way. In this way, you can successfully integrate and engage your customers and create a protected space for testing, discussing and reflecting.

Game-based Innovation
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Focus: Further Education, Training and professional development

Systemic Competence Training with Simulation Labs

As a trainer and lecturer you train managers and teams with individual workshops. Practical relevance plays a central role in your success. BeSu.Solutions develops customized didactic simulations for you, which you can use in your customer workshops. Complex systemic topics, such as digitalization, can thus be tried out on the basis of specific situations and analyzed together. We combine haptic and digital elements to ensure the greatest possible learning success for you.

Focus: Learning Factories

Individualization of learning factories with additional modules and apps

Learning factories are an important didactic tool for conveying topics of industrial production in a practical way. As a lecturer or operator of a learning factory, you are looking for hardware and software that reflects your individual topics and makes them accessible. BeSu.Solutions advises you on the use and construction of learning factories. Based on the various systems of the established manufacturers, we build individual hardware modules or learning apps according to your specifications so that your users can fully utilize the potential of your learning factory.